Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rusty love

This girl loves rust. Maybe, I should say I love the stories I can only imagine that come with a rusted building or a rusty vehicle. The people who used to work there, the products they produced, and how they changed the local landscape. The individuals that once drove the vehicle, who transported things in the back of the pick up truck. I am addicted to the character within those images.

Over the years, over the many states in which I have lived and traveled, I always seem to stumble upon a rusty GMC truck. They must be made with superior materials that dictate longevity, as I cannot understand why they are so available, in that regard.

This morning, a friend dropped by to pick up some vintage finds from us and pulled into my driveway with this gem. Bedecked in my robe and slippers, I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped some images in the gorgeous morning light.

I was in heaven, as this truck full of the colors I love to see on an old truck, was within walking distance of my front door. Now I can add this one to my collection that started with this photograph I shot in rural Idaho nearly 10 years ago. You cannot shake a love like that. 

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