Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sleepy, oh so sleepy

This is day three of not having coffee. I am attempting to "fast" from such delicacies and to drink green tea with honey for awhile. Give my body a break, basically. But with the time change, it is dark in the morning, and I have been sleeping so much better that I do not wish to rise in the a.m. So I am dedicating this blog to everything that gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me wish I were back in bed. Back in bed with my hubby and my three furry kids, all cuddled and warm.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to a new era

This is the era of shit or get off the pot.

I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday; well, I had been celebrating all weekend. My birthday is truly one of my favorite holidays, second only to Christmas. I turned 36, but still don't feel very old. Scott & I have really come a long way with brandMOJO Interiors in 2009: he's doing it full time, we even hired a CPA. That's big stuff in my book.

But it has occurred to me that this year is the year for brandMOJO Images to now take off. I have a few obstacles to deal with first before I can start offering my images for sale. I have to figure out why my Epson 1900 doesn't print centered on the sheet. But that just means getting the time to play with it; stocking up on inks and more paper in various sizes. It would take me an afternoon I think. The perk is that I would invariably have images to then put into frames and hang in the house. The biggest hurdle is my images that are negs or slides; 35mm or medium format. I have gone through book after book of the prints and dog eared the ones I want to get scanned. Now, to the locating of the negatives for those prints. Again, just some time.

So this is the era of shit or get off the pot. Put up or shut up, kind of thing. If I really want to make it a go, I need to just dive in. Now that things are steadily moving along for brandMOJO Interiors, I can focus on the other realm of our brand's mojo. We always say, "My pieces would never sell if you didn't shoot them the way you do." And, "I could never shoot them if you didn't finish them like that." We're such a good team.

But now, it is about my love. Shooting those things I love. I feel as though I have honed my eye over the years. And I am so curious to see if anyone would buy a print. And which ones would be the chosen ones. Thank god for Etsy and their site. It really is a perfect starting point for me. So wish me luck, cause here I go.