Thursday, April 15, 2010

Itchy trigger finger

I am dying to shoot. Dying to go out and shoot something. I had this past weekend off from shooting so I could work on the brandMOJO Interiors website, which worked out great. A good number of products and thereby my images went up onto the site, especially Accessories. But I didn't have any unique pieces to shoot. 

So I am jonesing to snap something. I was perusing whiteboxwedding's blog and looking at Sara's gorgeous shots of kids and people. There was a shot with this adorable and spunky little girl holding a Canon rangefinder. 

Oh, sadness, as my Minolta Hi-Matic, my favorite camera for B&Ws, is out of commission. It made my finger itch. And long for those by-gone days (for now) where I could just disappear and shoot. 

Having multiple jobs makes going out for a random shoot that much more difficult. I need to go and shoot something. The last time we had a real photo shoot was on Trade St in Winston. You remember, we met Jimmy Jams. There's nothing tastier than having a random shot come upon you and to have someone so deep and worn, smile so genuinely. 

We need to get back to shooting. I need to find a way to get back and get through this crazy hectic time for one of my j-o-b's so I can have time to do what I love.  I have such sweet envy for people like Sara who is out shooting and loving every minute of it. Well, I can't speak for her, but there is something not as satisfying sitting here typing when I should be out shooting. Scouting. Searching for just the spot, just the right light. And getting that glorious feeling when I hear that click. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

My chi-quong

Music creates this soundtrack for my life. It can literally set the tone, alter the tone at my choosing. Getting one's chi straight becomes this lovely game. Well, maybe "hunt" would be better there.

With music comes visuals that also adjusts one's mojo, if it is indeed out of balance. Wonky, as they say here in NC. Sometimes it can come in a pull towards one vision. Such as creating a vision of the tone that makes chi run like a well machined yin-yang.

Here are three samples of how a tune and a visual alter whatever you are doing right now.

Song:                                       Lonesome Whistle Train

Song:                                           Flight of the Bumble Bee

Song:                                                      Boogie Chillin'

Lose your chi? Try creating it. Someone mess up your mojo? Think on it. Have a full on conversation with yourself.

It's amazing to me.