Thursday, April 15, 2010

Itchy trigger finger

I am dying to shoot. Dying to go out and shoot something. I had this past weekend off from shooting so I could work on the brandMOJO Interiors website, which worked out great. A good number of products and thereby my images went up onto the site, especially Accessories. But I didn't have any unique pieces to shoot. 

So I am jonesing to snap something. I was perusing whiteboxwedding's blog and looking at Sara's gorgeous shots of kids and people. There was a shot with this adorable and spunky little girl holding a Canon rangefinder. 

Oh, sadness, as my Minolta Hi-Matic, my favorite camera for B&Ws, is out of commission. It made my finger itch. And long for those by-gone days (for now) where I could just disappear and shoot. 

Having multiple jobs makes going out for a random shoot that much more difficult. I need to go and shoot something. The last time we had a real photo shoot was on Trade St in Winston. You remember, we met Jimmy Jams. There's nothing tastier than having a random shot come upon you and to have someone so deep and worn, smile so genuinely. 

We need to get back to shooting. I need to find a way to get back and get through this crazy hectic time for one of my j-o-b's so I can have time to do what I love.  I have such sweet envy for people like Sara who is out shooting and loving every minute of it. Well, I can't speak for her, but there is something not as satisfying sitting here typing when I should be out shooting. Scouting. Searching for just the spot, just the right light. And getting that glorious feeling when I hear that click. 

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