Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lookin' back

It's virtually impossible for most people to not reflect back on September 11, 2001. Where they were. What they did. How they found out. Who they knew. Their connection to NY. To PA. To the Pentagon and DC. To the world.

I have blogged about my time in New York City a mere 2 weeks before what we now refer to as 9/11. To me, it was about an outstanding journey both professionally and personally by way of New York city, or more accurately Newark, onto Stockholm for a business trip. But we thankfully had a long layover in NJ. And well, wouldn't you go into the city??

New York is much like any city in America. A must see. Grand walking access, although wear comfy shoes. And a photographer's dream to visit.  When we were there, we were shooting film. And traveling with film required thought and a plan. Or at least a back-up to buy more film. I chose to shoot in mostly in black and white. There is something so timeless about a black and white photo.

Bust, From My Window No. 7, Andre Kertesz

It is like every other city in that you have to accept the challenge to exploring a huge city. We had to stop an employee to ask him how to get to certain stops on the subway. He was the nicest man. So very helpful and really made our time so much easier.

I do remember that no one really looked at each other when we were moving. That train car was like a long elevator ride, where no one talks or looks at each other. I was so happy to hear that after 9/11, that people were talking more to each other. What cool people. I can only imagine their stories.

John Lee ©brandMOJO Images
As a photographer, it is weird to not look around. I had my camera in hand and wanted to photograph every nook and crack. I crave street photography. That is where Chinatown came in handy. Not one person looked at us with disdain for taking their photograph.

So today not only makes me think of how dramatically that city changed and how so many lost loved ones, but I think of the journey we all have come. And New York City continues to completely thrill many many visitors and photographers.  Cheers, New York.

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