Sunday, August 8, 2010

A thing of beauty

As a woman, watching Sex and The City has always brought a strange sense of beauty into my life. These four woman (or one total woman, as my hubby says) each embody a different version of a beautiful woman. As I have gotten older, I have learned to accept my body as it wants to be.


I still do what I can and what I need to to stay healthy and fit for myself, my future, and for my family. I love doing Pilates and have been for a long time. Each time I do Pilates, I watch a SATC episode. Yesterday, the episode was when Steve has lost his testicle to cancer.

This episode must have been written by a man, not because of all the ball mentions. No. Rather, it becomes apparent when Carrie compares men's balls to a purse. What??? I would like to think that a woman would compare it to her breasts.

Losing a breast is a tremendously awful thing that happens to many women. All I think of, each time I see this episode, is how women's beauty is surrounded by their curves, especially their breasts.

So today's blog is dedicated to all of those women out there beautiful in their own way. And to these Etsy artists that show a woman's beauty in its different forms, like Botticelli, Edward Weston, and even Egon Schiele did. 




Please remember to do a self-examination regularly, ladies. And you too, guys.

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