Saturday, January 23, 2010

What was once thriving

Took two tables to Ward St today for a shoot. Amazing building. There once was a thriving furniture area there. Now, boards, trash, and For Lease signs. Would be a great place for us to start something: gated, cops patroling the area, large space. No windows though.

Used to be a Ralph Lauren showroom and Betty something, too. What was interesting was the door to Betty Boop's place. Gorgeous, as you will see in these images, but was made with plywood. They must have known that shop wasn't meant to last. High Point has the potential, but needs an awful lot to get moving again, save for those two times a year.

Those two times a year when the fuzz clears the streets of the realities that are there the other 10 months of the year. But it is real. It is gritty, but real. Safe, but you still need to not go there alone.

I haven't yet fixed up the photos that I will post with this tomorrow. But I think I got a few good ones. We will use these for Etsy and website. [Yep, a few good ones...]

Until then.

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